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*Indicates that this course will receive continuous updates to its library. Courses must be activated within the VT system in order to be viewable. If you have any issues seeing the listed content, please contact support at info@lightspeedvt.com. Courses are subject to change and adaptation. Some courses may still be in progress or development at the time of sale. Any and all training subscriptions are limited to one rooftop, and aren't allowed be shared between dealerships/locations.

Includes the Following Courses:

  • Sales Training*

  • Leadership Training*

  • Sell-A-Car Certification

  • Sales - Level 1

  • Service Advisor Training

  • DISC Virtual Training Program

  • All features included above


Sales Training

Learn the fundamentals of the sales process, and start optimizing your closing rate. Built for Sales Professionals, to include everything from understanding the business, the road to the sale, and building your business. This course is updated regularly with new content. In this course, you will learn:

  • Winning!                   

  • Meet and Greet

  • Rapport

  • Fact Finding

  • Demonstrations

  • Trade and Evaluation

  • Negotiating

  • Follow Up

  • Prospecting

  • Internet and Phone Training

  • Goals

Included with Sales Training is:


Sell-A-Car Certification

Sell-A-Car is a guided pathway, that once completed, will generate the user a certificate of completion. Sell-A-Car explores a deeper dive into the sales process, and is recommended for all users exploring a sales path. The course contains 84 videos accompanied by both quizzes and tests. Sell-A-Car includes the following categories:

  • SAC Opening

  • SAC Meet & Greet

  • SAC Rapport

  • SAC Fact Finding

  • SAC Negotiating

  • SAC Follow Up

  • SAC Internet and Phone

  • SAC Prospecting

  • SAC Goals

  • SAC Demonstration

  • SAC Trade and Evaluation

Sales - Level 1

Sales - Level 1 is a guided pathway, that once completed, will generate the user a certificate of completion. Sales - Level 1 is designed for newly hired salespersons that will help guide them through the basics of dealership functionality, the sales process, and business building. This course recommended for all users exploring a sales path, and should require basic completion before continuing to other content. The course contains 3 major categories, and 89 videos accompanied by both quizzes and tests. Sales - Level 1 includes the following categories:

  • Lvl 1 Dealership Functions

    • Opening​

    • Product Knowledge and Terms

    • Job Responsibilities

    • Departments

    • Paperwork

  • Lvl 1 Sales Process

    • Steps to the Sale

    • Meet & Greet

    • Need Analysis

    • Demonstration

    • Trade

    • Negotiation

    • Closing

    • Follow Up

  • Lvl 1 Business Building

    • Phone and Internet​

    • Social Media

    • Prospecting

    • Technology

    • Goals

    • Lets Get Motivated

    • Code of Conduct


Leadership Training

Leadership is not a position, it is the actions that you take each day. We take years of automotive training experience and combine it with the top leadership techniques in the world. Through self leadership and teaching to lead more effectively,  this course is designed to guide managers and individuals alike. This course is updated regularly with new content. In this course, you will learn:

  • Winning!                   

  • Introduction to Leadership

  • Hiring and Recruiting

  • Training

  • Motivating People

  • Retention

  • Leadership Goals

  • Automotive Leadership


Service Advisor

When paired with proper training, your service department can maximize efficiency and increase profit. The Service advisor sometimes see's the most customer's at the dealership. It is important to make sure they know how to interact, build rapport, and close deals. In this course, you will learn:

  • Overview

  • Meet & Greet

  • Build Rapport

  • Write Up Process

  • Need Analysis

  • Need Awareness

  • More to be added.


DISC® Virtual Training Program

Included with our full automotive package is the DISC Virtual Training Program. DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others. We combine this with our full automotive training package to help optimize collaboration and communication in the workspace, as well as target more deals on the lot and online. In this course, you will learn:

  • The Different DISC "Styles"

  • How to Identify Each DISC Style

  • The Platinum Rule

  • Describing the Four DISC Styles

  • Adaptability with all Four DISC Styles

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Leadership and the Four DISC Styles

  • How the Four Styles Interact in Group Settings

  • The Sales & Services Process

  • How to use the DISC Interactive

  • Helping each DISC style decide

  • Motivating each DISC style

  • And More

Along with the courseware, you will receive a complementary DiSC® Self Assessment ($25 Value Each), for any current or future employees at your dealership/Business. Reports based on these assessments will be emailed to a manager and or accessible through your assessments 24x7 account.


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